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Marita Wai


 Artwork created with flowers and sunlight,
for those seeking beauty and a stronger connection to the natural world

The Cameo Collection is for flower lovers!

This series is was created from my most favourite flowers. It celebrates the beauty of nature and the honours the timeless artistry of the cameo. 

The Morning Glory Collection


Marita Wai

I began life on a remote island in the wild, Pacific Northwest coast of Canada. A place surrounded by the beauty of the natural world. 

I spent the second half of my life in London, England.  It was here, where nature is  harder to find, that I began to seek out this beauty so I could share it with you through my botanical Cyanotypes.   

Botanical X-Rays

These fine art, giclee prints enable you to see into the structure of the plants, like an actual X-Ray which illuminates the skeleton. Each image was made from a photogram of the original leaf or flower; Hosta, Tulip, Iris, and Fuchsia.  

Marita Wai Studio Cyanotype process


A brief history of Cyanotype 

This camera-less photography process was invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschal. He combined Iron salts to create a light sensitive solution. He introduced the process to his friend and neighbour, Anna Atkins. She went on to produce the first ever book illustrated with photography.

This process eventually became a popular to reproduce architectural drawings, blueprints.  

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Marita Wai Studio 

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