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About Me


I am an artist, maker and mother based in London, England. 

I use the Victorian photography process of Cyanotype to create soothing images of the natural world. I grow my own plants and flowers in my tiny London garden and at my city allotment. I use these and other plants that I have foraged to create my modern botanical X-rays. 

I grew up on a remote island on the West coast of Canada, surrounded by the natural world. I spent my childhood days between the forest and the sea. It was here that my interest in the world around me was sparked.  

I have always had a great love of nature and spent my career working closely with plants and flowers. I have a love of history. In particular the history of plants how they appeared in our gardens and the folklore surrounding them.

Through my art I hope to bring an awareness of the beauty and magic that nature can add to our everyday lives. I hope to inspire your curiosity about plants and flowers and encourage everyone to live a life more closely aligned with nature.

The more nature is a part of our worlds, the more we recognise it and are educated about it, the more we will be able to appreciate it and find joy there. The more value we place in it, the more likely we will be to care and protect it. 

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