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A Forest Story

An invitation to peer inside this world of beauty and magic.

This collection, of one of a kind Cyanotypes, grew out of my small studio, nestled beneath the great mother trees of Cedar (Thuja Plicata) and Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii). These are trees that can live to be 500 years old, a few have lived over 1,000 years. In contrast, some of the plants at their feet have been alive for only months. Yet they are living in harmony sharing their home, in fact, thriving because they are together; thriving beneath these trees which anchor this world. 

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Trees hold the world in place.

to paraphrase my favourite poem,
"Tree Whispers"
by Charles Van Sandwyk

To be in a Forest

To listen to the quiet.
To hear only birds calling and branches rustling in the breeze.
To be dwarfed by trees that were already giants when we were just babies.
To know that these trees will hold the world  together long after us.
To smell the rain on the warm earth.
To smell the sun on the hot bark of evergreens.
To watch their lifeblood come to the surface and stick to our fingers.
To taste the fruits the forest offers, the huckleberries, the salad berries and the wild, jewel-like blackberries.
To feel the pillows of moss under our bare feet.
To touch the ancient bark and feel the scars of broken limbs.
To feel at peace.
To feel cared for.
To feel joy.
To see this place, this world for what it really is.

 A Forest Story

A forest story collection of Cyanotypes Prussian blue cedar bought fern

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