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Lily of the Valley Botanical X-Ray Print

Lily of the Valley Botanical X-Ray Print


Lily of the Valley, Convalarria majallis


Give Lily of the Valley to those you love as a symbol of luck and happiness. In the Victorian language of flowers it means a return to happiness. Nowadays it is associated with motherhood and the renewal of life in the Spring. 


A beautiful print from my ongoing series of Botanical X-Rays. All prints in this series are based on original Cyanotypes.


I wanted to create a collection that would let you see deeper into the inner workings of plants. The technique and images I have developed are a mix of art and anatomy. They give you a view of the structures/skeletons of the plants that are not necessarity seen with the naked eye.


Size - 203 x 254mm,  8 x 10 inches


Printed in the U.K. 


For sale unframed and unmounted.


Paper: 300gsm, uncoated stock made from 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste and FSC® certified. Made in an industry leading mill to strict standards for environmental management,  is processed chlorine free (PCF) significantly reducing water contamination from processing.


Ink: Printed with ink made from organic biomass, making them fully compatible with standard de-inking processes so that they can be recycled universally. This process is kinder to the planet. 


  • Colour Likeness

    Please be aware that the colours of the artwork on your monitor may differ slightly to those of the actual print.


Please keep your print out of direct sunlight. If, over time, your print has faded, remove it to a dark place and within two weeks, as if by magic it will be restored to the original Prussian blue colour. All cyanotypes are made on archival paper and should last many years.


All image copyrights are retained by Marita Wai, even after purchase. Please do not reproduce any images or content for personal or professional gain without my written permission. Thank you.

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